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 How To EFile Free Online

How to Efile Free - Explained - It's FREE!

E File: Free File online (electronic filing)starts on January 15 every year and runs several months. In Spanish too!

The first option is the online FREE FILE Software Program through the federal government. 

The best way to file your income tax return is through the online efile or free file software program or the efile or free file fillable forms (explained below)and is simple and easy to do.  The totally free way to prepare your federal tax return and then e-file your federal income taxes online.

It's good to start a few months in advance so you know what to expect when you are ready to efile your return. Don't wait until the last minute.  Plan ahead. Be prepared and you should be able to file free and get your income tax refund back fast-- using direct deposit, which is the fastest way.

This IRS free filing system or  E-File or Free File software program will give you free federal income tax preparation and electronic filing for certain taxpayers if  you are eligible through a partnership that exists between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Free File Alliance LLC, which is a selective group of income tax software companies.

You can do your federal taxes using E File easily and fast and FREE.

You can get free step-by-step income tax return help

Free File online program supports preparation of Federal income tax returns. But many of the companies can offer you state tax preparation though it may not be free -they may charge a fee.

If your adjusted gross income is $56,000 or less depending on the taxable year (this amount may change) you may be able to get FREE tax preparation and e-filing.

You will be asked simple questions and your answers go right on the forms.

It includes the most commonly filed Federal tax forms and schedules.
Includes the IRS Federal e-file - where you can get your income tax refund in up to 10 days if you use Direct Deposit.
It takes care of all the math calculations for you.
And even will give you a quick confirmation, usually within 48 hours that your income tax return was received by the IRS.
It will even check for accuracy.

If you need it in Spanish you can get it in Spanish.

The second option is Free File IRS Fillable Forms - If you want to fill in the tax forms and then file the forms online without using the free IRS income tax software.

They look exactly like the blank income tax IRS forms. You select which one you want, prepare it yourself or get help and fill in the forms and then e-file your 1040, 1040 A and 1040EZ income tax return.
It covers all of the most commonly filed Federal tax forms and schedules.
It includes all the basic calculation help you need.
Note that it doesn't have any state forms or State e-file capability.
You are not limited by your income amount. It doesn't matter how much money you make.
You can file Federal income tax extension FREE also.

With both of the above Free EFile options you can:

You can file your IRS income taxes anytime day or night
If you use direct deposit you can get your tax refund faster - in 10 days usually. 
Your income tax return will be safe and secure using the best in security measures today.
Good for the environment--Save trees by not using paper.
All Free File options are be available around the clock.

Efile Free - E-File Free Advice

You don't need a bookkeeper, tax preparation service, tax accountant, CPA or tax attorney to efile your taxes. You can efile free -- your income tax information yourself. If you are not computer savvy you can get help from anyone who knows a little about the Internet.

Filing is actually fast once you have the figures. Make sure you double check all your math and make sure you have the correct numbers for your direct deposit.  It's easy to make a mistake and you want to make sure your bank deposit numbers are right.

If your bank direct deposit numbers are not right you won't get your income tax refund when you expect it.  It will cause a big delay.  Doesn't hurt to triple check.  The important thing is to start studying how to efile early.  Don't wait until the last minute.

It will take a little thought, planning and learning the tax software program if you choose to go that option when you decide to eFile. In any case you'll need all your tax return information that you would normally have at the time you get ready to e-file free your return online.

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